Real-Time Segmentation to Improve Customer Experience

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A new era in customer experience solutions is here! 

As modern sales strategies shift to a hyper-personalized, 1:1 relationship with each customer, your business will need to have the infrastructure to analyze large amounts of data in record time. Gain the speed & scale required to stay competitive by signing up to watch our on-demand webinar! 

What we cover: 3 tips to optimize your infrastructure for data-driven targeting 🎯

  • Delivering better CX is not a single-faceted endeavor it’s a combination of speed, scale, location, object, & more.
  • Data is one of the most impactful elements of creating a strong, machine-driven CX program, but some “expected data behavior” could be bringing your organization down.
  • The industry has created a facade of "real time" by using workarounds like preaggregation—but in reality, this means your data is stale.

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